Need help with Bubble Connector OAuth2 user agent flow + Github API

This documentation seems to be outdated. Screenshot and description looks different than the current UI

I am trying to setup a Github API connection, after I successfully authorized and get the ?code=xxxxxxxxxxxx returned in the URL, then I try the initialize button in the API section, it returned Bad credentials by Github.

It should work the same, there are some new fields that is all.

Not quite sure how you are doing this…how are you getting the code back? Is that part of the initialise step?

  1. First setup an new oauth App in github,
  2. Then do the web app / user agent oath flow (log in on the github oauth page)
  3. After login, github sends me back to the Authorization callback URL which i set to the following like the documentation’s screenshot (not mentioned in the current app’s screen)

  1. Github then attached the code in the param of this url like so

My understanding of what the doc is saying is that Bubble will use that returned code to make a token call using my settings on that page. Then when initialize, it will use that token to make the actual API call.

But it doesn’t seems to work.