Need help with building a functionality

Hi there,

Is there a way to display field names from a form that are empty in a RG?

Building a basic form without making the value = not empty constraint. So will end up with many fields which will not be filled by the user. Wanted to give a list of all input fields which the users left blank and give them an option to update the details before moving out.

Any thoughts on how this could be done?

You can set the input by checking a box in the dialogue ‘this input should not be empty’ and then when the user tries to submit a form using a workflow action that creates or updates a data thing and the fields are referencing the inputs, they would not complete that workflow action and the input would be focused again and if you set the conditionals for when the input is not valid to have a different border color it would trigger and change the color.

Thanks Boston.

Was looking more for a solution to list incomplete inputs fields in a RG later… Didnt want to put the condition that input should not be empty in the form…

Is this doable some how…

Yes, when the user attempts to save, add all the inputs whose values are empty…of course this will require you to have an action with the conditional for each of the inputs, but sometimes development for specific features takes longer than we hope.

Maybe somebody else has a faster more automated strategy, but I don’t know of one.

Thanks… Looking forward to responses from others who can help me solve this.

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