Need help with checklist

I have a internal website for my company. I keep track of all the information for our jobs. I recently added a list(repeating group) for the jobs that are ready to invoice. On each job page I can choose the “invoice status” for that job. i.e invoice partial payment or the final payment. So far it works great. I choose any of the invoice options then it shows up on the “ready to invoice page” in that repeating group list. I have a check box in the repeating group. What I would like is to check the box on each one when they are invoiced then when it’s checked it sends it to the bottom of the list and change the color(i.e grey) like I’ve seen in a lot of other apps. Then a button to clear the list when I’m done with all the invoices(resetting the “invoice status” dropdown selection back to empty" on each job, therefore removing it from the list). The only thing I’ve been able to figure out is changing the color when the box is checked. Lastly, I would like a checkbox above the repeating group that would check all of the list. This is not as important, but something I’ve seen in many websites/apps.

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