Need Help with Conditional Settings

Can someone explain to me why this isn’t working?

I’m trying to show no bills notice when the “repeating group bills paid” isn’t visible.

What is the condition on the repeating group that causes it to not be visible?

There is no conditional that makes the repeating group “invisible”. That’s why, the condition you set on the “No bills notice” should be Repeating Group Bills Paid’s List of Paymentss:count = 0.

i tried doing that and i get this massage after i start typing = 0

It should have been is 0.

That worked, but when I try to do it for other repeating group’s it doesn’t.

As far as I know, when you separate conditions like this, it acts like OR scenario. That means, if any of them is 0, it will be visible.

If you mean ALL of them are 0, then you should have only one condition and these 3 conditions should be connected with AND.