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Hi forum,
I have an issue to “Search for open campagins”. I made a previous thread, but unfortunately nobody responded.

This is my workflow, currently, I have the problem that one user can get the same lead multiple times, I know I can beat that by some conditions on the user level for e.a.g Only when user leads doesn’t contain this lead_number.

But, that won’t work for my case. Because I send a lead to maximum (and minimum,) of 4 users, and all of those users have campaigns in my application. And I always need to reach that number, but it is in a previous step when the lead Is getting “sold” to all the users. So I dont have the option to search for users again…

Any idea? If more explanation is needed, please send a message.


Any idea from someone?

I didn’t see your previous thread, but based on what is in this thread, I’d imagine nobody responded because of that workflow screen shot.

Simple fix…put onto the data type that is the ‘lead’ a field that is a list of users that have been ‘invited’ to the lead, and add the condition not to ‘invite’ a user that is in the list of ‘invited users’ on the ‘lead’ data type.


Thanks a lot for your reaction! Yes, that part i understand and i can acomplish that.

But There goas the “diffucult” thing, i alvast want that 4 Unique users come out of the result of the “Search for open campaigns”. Because if i do this, the “lead” wil only be send to 3 users instead of 4 (If a user comes 2 times in the Search for campagins”, and then a lose one spot wich wil be a massive revenue loss.

Do you have a idea for this? Thanks again!

find all potential users…filter that list by removing the list of users already invited to the campaign. Use the resulting list to send invites to as many as needed to reach the total count you desire by referencing the number of users invited already

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Thanks again a lot. I am trying to understand but i cant follow it…

Could you please take a look at the workflow?

Here is the link!

Any idea?

Can someone help me with this? It is so important for my application…

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