Need help with custom states

Hi, when I click on antworten (answer) it changes the custom state to the current cells index. If the custom state is the current cells index, a group with an input field is shown.

The issue is that I want that when the user clicks on antworten again, it should hide group.

I tried to set it up like this, but it doesn’t work.


Even though the custom state is not the current cells index, it becomes 0.
Does somebody know how to do it right?

Best wishes

Hi there, @Jakob1… what you have there looks like it should work, but I’m wondering if you have both of those Set state actions in the same workflow event. If you do, try making two workflow events and move the only when conditions to the event level.


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Thank you for your answer. I have two workflows, that’s why it’s very weird that it doesn’t work. No matter what, the custom state changes to 0 and not to the cells ID.


You have to move the Only when conditions onto the events. The way you have it right now, both of those events are going to run when the element is clicked. So, literally click on the events and put the conditions in their Only when fields.

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Ohh ok thanks, now it works properly :smiley:

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