Need help! WITH Data display

I have an idea and need help with a step of it:|

I have it where a principal inputs students info and clubs they are in and grade. There is a dynamic spot where you can view and edit students by grade… The page for the grade needs to have a column of the student’s name and then multi-columns (repeating within repeating) of all the clubs/teams the principal has created with checkboxes. I can’t seem to figure out how to make the status of each checkmark dynamic based on whether that student is a member of the group. That’s how its set up.

  1. A student is created
  2. The Principal Selects the groups the student is a member of and then the student is added as a member

@stolzj19 any chance you could link to the editor? You can make it read-only in the Settings tab.

In your app, is club/team its own data type with a list of members (students/users)? If so, you should be able to set the Preset status of the checkbox to dynamic - and the data source would be Club’s Members contains [current cell’s student]. For that last reference, you may have to create a group of type User (or Student if that’s a separate data type) in the cell of the outer repeating group to store the student from that cell.

Let me know if I can clarify any of this.

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@stolzj19 Just took a look at your student page. Given your data structure, you should be able to implement the solution I described in my previous comment. Set the checkbox preset status to dynamic, with the data source being Current cell’s Group/Club’s Members contains Current Page Student (or outer repeating group cell’s student if you go with the nested approach).

Does that make sense? Happy to clarify.