Need help with data/login

So I’m making a CAD for a roleplay server. The dispatch needs to be able to search up plates, and names. I have it so you can register a name and then a plate within the name. So the plate is with the name. Any idea’s on how to make that happen?

You’ll want to create an object that can store both of those things, such as ‘plateholder’, and use the data -> data types view to create the plates and names inside that object. When you create a new ‘plateholder’, you’ll add both the plate and the name to that object.
Test app:

How would I let other people find this information just by searching up a plate or a name?

Lots of ways you could do it. In the test app I linked before, I created a dropdown with all the plates, and then set an input field to take the plate number of whatever was selected.

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