Need help with displaying statistics with progress bar

Hello I am looking to display the most active employee of a company, basically it will be the one who has done the most hours of driving. I tested this but it doesn’t work


What do you mean ‘it doesn’t work’?

Well, the top employee is more active than the top employee and yet the 2 bars are at the same level. Basically I’m trying to put a nice little bar in the dashboard to quickly indicate which employee has done the most hours

What are the actual numbers you’re using for the percentages? (check in the debugger if you’re not sure)

I’m guessing from the screen shot they are all zero - if if they’re not meant to be then I’d guess your privacy rules are the reason they are.

So I tested this but the bar is really out of the frame, in fact I’m a bit lost to make my idea if I should use a progressive bar? or a plugin? what would you advise me?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, or what the issue is now?

What I want to do: display the most active employees according to the number of hours they have worked. I want to do this by showing a progress bar.

Yeah, I get that much… but what is the problem in doing it?

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