Need Help with displaying text on a repeater group

Hey bubble, i’ve been trying to load data from a database called, ‘JOBs’ and add a field in it called ‘job name’ on a repeating group; for my task management app - but can’t figure out a way to load the data in the database.

Any help is much appreciated.

@anurudha it seems your RG is setup to display the data type Task List at the moment, not Jobs?
If you want to display Jobs, you should change the RG’s data source from Task List to Jobs and change the text in the cell to Current cell’s Job’s Name

Yes it’s set to task list, basically what I want it to do is display the a new job that gets added along with the user’s name that added the job in the description place of RG

@anurudha you cannot have Jobs and Task Lists displayed in the same RG

Oh right! I’m very new for Bubble.Thanks a lot for that tip…is there a work around for displaying like that?

You could have two clickable tabs (‘Task List’ and ‘Jobs’) above the RG, so that when User clicks on a tab the RG’s data source displays Jobs or Tasks List. There is no way you can show both at the same time I’m afraid

Using custom states, you could make it work like this:

  • When User clicks on the ‘Task List’ tab, set the state of the RG to ‘1’ for example. Build a condition in the RG so that when state = 1, data source = Tasks List.
  • When User clicks on the ‘Jobs’ tab, set the state of the RG to ‘2’. Build a condition in the RG so that when state = 2, data source = Jobs.

Thanks @ambroisedlg! I’ll check it out

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