Need help with displaying the correct data based on these conditions

I need a bit of help with planning this structure out to display the data. I’m getting this data directly from an API call.

The following are the values I am getting:
Room Number
Class Start Time
Class End Time
Monday (Y/N)
Tuesday (Y/N)
Wednesday (Y/N)
Thursday (Y/N)
Friday (Y/N)
Saturday (Y/N)
Sunday (Y/N)
Start Date
End Date

Example data:
AA-DG-03, 4:55PM, 6:40PM, Y, N, Y, N, N, N, N, 8/28/2023, 10/9/2023

Now I want to check if the current date and time is within this criteria (Room is AA-DG-03, time is between 4:55 and 6:40, day is either Monday or Wednesday, and its within the start and end date), and I want to show this class.

I also want to show the list of upcoming classes for the day in that room.

any advice

Learn to treat data coming from an API the same way you treat data coming from your Bubble database, in the sense that you can use operators for filtering and use constraints for isolating specific entries based on certain values.