Need help with drop down list to sort repeating group

Hi, i have created a data fields where user could only pick one out of three option,

digital live printing,
laser engraving,
leather monogramming

i would like to when i select one of out three from a dropdown list, repeating group display projects only related to the one i choose from the drop down list.

i’ve been working around for a bit, seems to be very confused with how it works.

thanks all

In your repeating group, main data source search for all item but also Add three condition, on each of them charge the data source the only that specific item.


If the drop down value is A: then make the data source show only Item related to A.

Hi there, @palateandcraft… if I (and probably most folks) was doing what you described, I would use an option set to define the options of digital live printing, laser engraving, and leather monogramming. Then, add a field to your Project data type, and set the field type of the field to the option set.

Next, display the options from the option set in a dropdown on the page. Finally, set the repeating group’s data source to a search for projects with a constraint where the field I described above equals the dropdown’s value, and make sure to check the box to ignore empty constraints.

Hope this helps.



Hey , don’t use this technique it is not scalable , you can do almost every type of filter and searches in bubble scalably and Mike’s technique is the best practice. In addition , you can set the project type to text , and pass the values to url (using get path from URL > segmented as list > item#2 ) and retrieve from there (for SEO and other purposes )


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