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Need help with dynamic data field creation

Hello all,

I need help with particular functionality.

I have created a data type (X) to allow users to define certain metrics (with data fields like metric name, type, description, method, etc).

Now, I want the users to update values of on those defined metrics (existing as data in X) on a weekly basis and create a table/chart (more like an MIS).

I think this can be done in two ways:

  1. By converting the data field inputs (metric details) from a particular data type (X) into new data fields of another data type.
  2. By adding new data fields corresponding to each week in the same data type (X).

I am not able to figure out a way how to execute either of these. Please help me with this, and also let me know if there is any other way to go about it.
Thank you


Implement a weekly perpetual recursive workflow that creates your weekly metric object on the day of the week needed

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@cmarchan thanks, let me check and get back

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