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Need help with emojis

Hi! I am in the middle of creating a social app. I am looking for a way to display an emoji box where the user can insert emojis. I have tried to install the Air Emoji Picker however I can’t figure out how to work it. The instructions are a bit vague. Can someone help me with this by giving me clearer instructions?
A work around that I am trying is the keypress for windows, when someone presses the window key and the full stop key (available on all windows 10 computers) the emoji box will appear. Is there any way to simulate this keypress inside of a button? say when a user clicks the ‘add emoji’ button, the workflow simulates these keypresses and therefore brings up the box? another way I am considering trying is to try to insert the html emoji tags into the plain text box however because emojis are a different font I am not sure how I can change fonts from regular font to the emoji font back to the original font in the middle of an input box. I have also thought about copying the source code of an emoji box like the one you see in the advanced text editor but I don’t think that will work. Or perhaps is there a way to install the advanced text editor but take out the other functions? I dont want users to change the text size.

Thanks for any help