Need help with format

I need help with formatting a query.
see screenshot below


gives me the result
" username1 , username2, username3"

How can I format it to have

“username1” , “username2”, “username3”

quotes are not un the correct place
Thanks a lot for your help.

Use ‘Format as text’ on the list returned from the search.

Thanks for the response.
I tried this

But now the query looks like this


The objective if to have

“usernames”: [
“humansofny”, “6pri1”, “molas.frederic”, “selenagomez”

Many thanks

You don’t want to do another search for Users inside the content to show… rather you want to refer to the thing from the list your formatting i.e. This User (or This Text, if it’s a list of texts)…

So just do a search for Users: format as text.

Then use “This User’s Instagram Link” with a comma delimiter.

Thanks a lot for your help, I used “This text” and now its working as expected.

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