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Need Help with Full Calendar

I need help with the calendar workflows. My workflow is not showing “When this calendars day is clicked” and “When this calender’s event is clicked.”

I did some research and feel like it should be showing these options in the workflow but when i select “start/edit workflow” on the calendar it just says there was an error running the workflow.

Please help.

How about sharing the link to the editor, or to see what the screenshots look like. What is the wording on the error? Did you add an error event into the page to see what it spits out?

Hi Dave thanks for your reply.

Here are some screen shots of what it looks like.

There is not an option on the editor to “start/edit” workflow.

when I right click and select “start/edit workflow” this is what I get in the workflow page.

From my research on these forums there should be two workflows that come with the full calendar: “When this calendars day is clicked” and “When this calender’s event is clicked.”

Any help is much appreciated!

I have updated my calendar demo to include the use of the Selected Event and Selected Day actions. Once you have added the action, you then use the Send Data to Group for a single event, or Send Data to a List for the Day. On the receiving element you set the data type as CalendarEvents



You access these actions from here:

Thank you very much, Dave! this helped!

I need help passing data between two calendars. Essentially, I have two calendars on Native App page. On for MONTH (1) and below is DAY (2). Like IOS or Android, I’d like to be able to click on a DAY of THE MONTH CALENDAR (1) and have the DAY CALENDAR (2) below update to that date and events. I’ve be kinda able to do this if I hide the MONTH CAL (1) and SHOW the DAY CAL (2), but this only works once, meaning, if i go to another tab in app, back to Calendar Tab, the DAY CALENDAR (2) is ‘stuck’ on the date it previously was on and WILL NOT CHANGE when I click a Day on the MONTH CALENDAR (1) …unless I completely refresh the app. So showing or hiding any calendar does not seem to “reset the input” so to speak .
I think I just need to understand how to have a workflow that aways “resets” that DAY CAL (2) current Day to the MONTH CAL’s (1) current day, every time you click on a MONTH CAL’s (1) Day…thoughts?

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On the DAYView calendar you will probably need to set a where condition that reflects the currently selected day in the Month view.

You can then change this on any click event in the MonthView.

If you manage to set it the first time, then just think about the actions you are performing and then apply them where necessary.

i have played around with this and still am unable to accomplish this action…:confused:

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Also having this issue.

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