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Need help with header responsiveness


I have header with a logo to the left, and a single button to the right. When the page size is reduced, I want both to be centred with the logo on top and the button right below. I’ve now spent about 3 hours trying to do this, but for the life of me just cannot. Any help appreciated.


This stuff is very difficult to try and work through over a forum so likely you won’t get much love on doing this properly.

Workaround solution though is to create two copies of each and hide rule. The first screenshot has both the logo and button in a group and then you hide that group when page width < x and then the stacked logo and button is in another group that is hidden when the page width >= x

Have you tried to align your logo to the left and your sign up text to the right?

Currently, the logo is in a group, and the button is in a group. The logo group is aligned to the left of the main group, and the button group is aligned to the right of the main group. The image below might explain better. Both the logo and button are centred within their own group.