Need help with individual user's Calendar display

Hey everyone,

Tried searching the forum (and Google) but couldn’t find anything that was a good match.

I have an app where users can create home reports for their clients. I want to be able to display the users Calendar (Google Calendar, Calendly, Apple calendar, etc) so that their clients can book appointments with them right in the app. The problem I am coming across is allowing each individual user to display their own calendar available times.

I have been looking at the Google calendar API, but that doesn’t really help me when it comes to actually displaying the calendar with available times. I ideally want it to look like I typical embedded iframe type display so that its familiar to the end user.

One way I can think about doing this is having the user copy and paste their iframe code into a box upon signing up, which would save to their user data, and then using a HTML display with Current User>Calendar Link or something like that. But that’s not really the easiest process for the user signing up.

Am I missing a solution or is that the most realistic way of doing this?

Does the google calendar api provide the calendar link?