Need help with Login Page

Hi there,

I have separated Signup and Login page as I have two different type of users. I am successful in creating signup page but with the login page I am not sure where I’m going wrong. I tried to replicate the same thing. I am attaching preview screen shot for the login page. Can anyone please guide me what’s wrong and how can I fix this?

Also attaching backend images.

I guess it’s not entirely clear what’s not working for you exactly.

Can you shoot a Loom to explain the issue better?

  1. Could you show the appearance tab instead? I’m guessing the group is set to not be visible (and collapse when hidden).

  2. The conditionals have no actions on them. Why do you need them?

You want to check the box:


Thanks rico.trevisan

I tried every other thing but didn’t realise about that box.