Need help with Manual Definition API

Hello, I’m new here and I’m having some troubles with telegram API.

Telegram is sending me updates to a API endpoint in my bubble app.

In the endpoint, when I choose “Parameter Definition” to “Detect Request Data” , and I request data, all works perfectly! But I cant send all the variables that I want with just one data request…

So I’m trying to do it with “Parameter Definition” to “Manual Definition”, like this I can add all the variables that I need. But I don’t know why, with Manual definition it is not taking any info.

Check this:

Here you can see some params when I choose “Detect Request Data”. When I try to use this data, all works perfectly but there are some params that I would like to add so I will need Manual Definition.
Let’s focus on “Message from ID” - All updates are filled with this info always.

Now check in “Manual Definition”:

I copy the name of the param when “Detect Request Data” and then paste it as a new key on manual definition but it doesn’t work properly, I’m getting nothing from there.

Can anyone help me?

This is the raw data from “Auto Detect Data”

Try exposing it as a public endpoint.

Check this box to allow requests from outside the Bubble Editor, either by a client that you built or another service, such as Stripe or Zapier. Non-public endpoints are useful for scheduled workflows and bulk operations that are defined in the Bubble Editor.

I’m still having the same trouble with the public endpoint :sob:

You cannot switch between both option. Only one will work. What you need to do is to edit raw data instead after detect. Just click this option and edit the json payload

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