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Need Help with MercadoLibre API Integration: Troubles Logging in Using Plugin

I’m currently attempting to implement user login functionality using the MercadoLibre API. I have followed the API documentation to obtain the access_token as instructed, but I’m facing difficulties in understanding how to utilize it for user login. Although I can successfully log in and authenticate users on my MercadoLibre application using the following link:

I’m unable to achieve the same result using the Bubble API plugin.

Here are some relevant details:
MercadoLibre API docs:

APP ID: 8527602432375256

Secret Key: vEJfY6ZH3mYrrOtk0Wsc9kfONkeSKLYq

ACCESS_TOKEN: Bearer APP_USR-8527602432375256-052513-4b1ab9a97f116ccca5eac2c561d918ab-672880080

I would appreciate assistance in configuring the oAuth API on

Here’s how I’m trying to do it: