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Need Help With Multiline Input

Hi, I started a CAD / MDT a while ago. I have done so that you can create alarms etc. Select units, on the SOS Alarm Page (Dispatch page).

My question is whether it is possible to send different alarms to different departments. If you send in an alarm now, the alarm comes to all departments, which I do not want. I want specific alarms for specific departments.

I would also like to know if it is possible to change Multiline Inputs. For example, if you press a button, a popup will pop up. There you can see the alarm information.

Here are pictures so you can get a better idea!


Want to be able to click this icon so it pops up, it pops up when I click on it.


The popup looks like this temporarily, in this Multiline Input I want to be able to change the alarm. The image below shows where I want it to change.

Here I want the alarm to change, the Multiline Input in the previous image is this Information. Information = Alarm Description


Thank you for respondig, hope i can get help. Have struggled with this for a long time