Need Help With My Domain

So i think i sorted my domain but when i go to preview it shows this does anyone know how to solve it?

Hi @JeffWalker

I had the same issue, it might take a bit of time for DNS records to propagate and Cloudflare to verify your configuration

Are you still having this problem or is it now solved?

Still having some issues.

@JeffWalker I can’t seem to retrieve the post where I found the solution but try this:

  1. Make sure your DNS records are set properly
  2. Delete the domain name from Settings > Domain/Email
  3. Add the domain name exactly as you previously set it

@peterj do you confirm?

I can confirm those steps. Sometimes internal records get marked as permanently “deleted” if it takes more than a couple hours to configure your domain, and the correct response is to verify your records are correct at your registrar, then delete + recreate.

@JeffWalker I did a lookup on the domain in the screenshot ( and I can find no evidence of it ever having existed. Which is super-weird.

As for your other domain (of the form, it looks okay from my end.

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