Need Help With My Idea

For a while i’ve wanted to be a web designer but always found html and css really hard to learn. As I’m 16 I also don’t have a lot of time to learn all of this between juggling school, sport and a social life so bubble has allowed me to pursue this dream and I’m very thankful.

But my question lies. I want to start a website design agency/company and I was wondering if the following things would be possible.

  1. If a user wanted to would I be able to make a system that allows me to handle their website such as wix hosts their “wixsites”. Would it be possible to say buy a server and host sites like that or do they need to host their own? Its all quite confusing to me.

  2. If I had say 100 website templates would I be able to link them (without bubble advertisement banners) if i have the agency plan or would they each need their own plan?

  3. with the agency plan do all those sites I create for customers remain free of bubble advertising for the single fee of the agency plan or do I need to get their own plans?

The agency plan only gets rid of the Bubble ad for development purposes. When you push the site live for your client, you need to get the site it’s own app plan.

As far as hosting goes, everything is hosted by Bubble. You don’t buy/rent servers and set up sites, it’s all handled through the Bubble platform. They do offer a dedicated plan, but even that is managed by Bubble.

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ok thanks

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