Need Help with Passing and Using URL Parameters to Filter Repeating Group Content

Hello Bubble Community,

I’m working on a project where I have two main data types: Skills and Topics. Each Topic is associated with a Skill through a field in the Topics data type named Related Skill T, which is intended to link a topic to a specific skill. My goal is to create a two-page application where Page 1 allows users to select a skill, and Page 2 displays topics related to that skill based on the user’s selection.

Database Structure:

  • Skills Data Type:
    • Fields: skill name (text), image (image), and other skill-related info.
  • Topics Data Type:
    • Fields: topic name (text), description (text), image (image), Related Skill T (field type set to Skill).

Process and Issue:

  1. Page 1 Setup:
  • I have a repeating group displaying the list of Skills.
  • Users can select a skill, which triggers a workflow to navigate to Page 2. I use the “Go to page” action with “Send more parameters to the page” option. I’ve tried passing the skill’s unique ID as a URL parameter (skill_id).
  1. Page 2 Setup:
  • Page 2 has a repeating group set to display Topics.
  • I aim to filter this repeating group’s content based on the skill selected on Page 1, using the skill_id URL parameter.
  1. The Problem:
  • Despite setting up the workflow on Page 1 to pass the skill_id in the URL, I’m unable to use this parameter (its not appearing ) to filter the repeating group on Page 2. Specifically, when setting up the data source for the repeating group on Page 2, I’m adding a constraint to “Do a search for” Topics where Related Skill T equals the skill_id passed from Page 1. However, I seem to face difficulty in correctly accessing or using the skill_id URL parameter to filter topics by their related skill.

What I’ve Done:

  • Ensured that the “Type of content” for Page 2 is set to Skill, and I attempted to pass the skill’s unique ID as a URL parameter.
  • Tried using “Parent group’s Skill’s unique id” and “Current cell’s Skill’s unique id” for passing the skill ID.

Questions for the Community:

  • How can I correctly pass the selected skill’s unique ID from Page 1 to Page 2 and use it to filter the repeating group to show only related topics?
  • Is there a specific step or configuration I’m missing to make the URL parameter (skill_id) accessible as a constraint for filtering the repeating group’s content on Page 2?

Any guidance, insights, or suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking to understand the best practices for using URL parameters in this context and any potential adjustments to my database or workflow setup to achieve the desired functionality.

In get url parameters, what did you set as type for skills? Text or skills?

i tried both …the the key is not showing . the parameters key is not showing

oh thank you i just got it …i missed some small stupid step …thanks

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