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Need help with patient engagement app

Hi there.
I want to build a patient engagement app where physicians and coaches are assigned to patients.
Assigned Coaches can interact with assigned patients - chat, send push messages, see vital data (entered by patient), send out tasks … But I am at a loss how to set up the initial user and role concept so that coaches can only see (interact with) their assigened patients the respective patient data.

Can someone point me to a good tutorial, or even better a suitable template? Analogies to my use case could also be a “personal trainer app” where a coach is assigned to clients and sends out tasks and reminders…)


Hello @Garfield welcome to the community!

I would caution young Bubblers from using templates other than for learning purposes. Too intricate to explain why. Simply put … it is at least as hard to learn Bubble as it is to repurpose a template, And I would definitely wager that it is is easier to learn Bubble from scratch. And … much better to do so as it will better prepare you for all the technical challenges that lie ahead with how your app will evolve as you go through your project journey.

Below some of the best learning options out there :smiley:

Thanks for the advise. I understand that building from scratch provides the most learning opportunities.
So thx for the links provided.

However, from past experience I know that focusing on the most relevant topics for my project is a very effective way for me to understand how the building blocks work and interact.

So, I would be grateful for a hint to a good tutorial specifically on how to set up two user groups who interact with each other, based on their roles and access rights.



Hello @Garfield

Hopefully this one may help you get started: :smiley: