Need help with pdfgeneratorapi. Quickly. Will pay

Here’s another response from them. There customer service is very good.

Ah yes, look at how the page renders: – you can see how portions of the data renders faster than others, so my original theory is correct. The PDF is taking a snapshot of the page prior to the complete rendering.

Since bubble is a platform, I’m not sure how much flexibility you have, probably none in how this page populates. So unfortunately, I’m not sure there is a viable solution given the technical limitations.

I tried our competitors –,, and and they do an even worse job than we do at the rendering.

Actually, I have an idea, we have an internal build in alpha state that is designed to provide support for situations like this. It still may not work due to the way bubble is outputting the content, but I’ll do some testing and let you know.

Here’s the followup to that effort:

No-go. Found a thread on bubble’s forum discussing this very issue: Page and all elements completely loaded - seems like some guy went all out to come up with workarounds and still might not work. Very complicated.