Need help with reusable group deployment

I’m having a really hard time converting an existing group to a re-usable element. I have a real estate calculator and have a ‘calculation settings’ group that loads with default data from the users profile. They can edit it and save to their profile but whatever is in these fields get’s fed to my API to return a result. I really want to ‘re-use’ what I have built here that already works for other calculators but every time I try, I can’t seem to ‘see’ the fields in the reusable group when building my API workflow.

If I simply ‘create a reusable element’ the new reusable group pulls in the user profile data fine and the save functionality back to the user profile works fine immediately…I just can’t seem to call the data from the reusable element in my new page or workflow.

Thanks in advance.

Hi - I may or may not be able to help but I’d be happy to investigate if you’re happy to share a link to the editor in view only mode.