Need Help with RG for Commenting

I’m stuck on why the comment isn’t showing up? This is a reusable Page that I’m adding onto my main page. I’m unsure if it’s because the only way to view this page is clicking on a listing which is set with URL parameters and shows this Reusable page on my main page with the info from the Listing. I used templates from other apps and clicked on every line to ensure no errors but still won’t show a comment I created. It’s shows in the database, but can’t seem to see it pop up on the RG. I believe I can’t seem to connect the listing with the comment? Unsure?
I’m new to this so I apologize if this doesn’t make much sense. I attached what i’m referring to and happy to provide more info if needed. I’m just stuck on this one and tired of researching without a result. Thanks

Are you using debug mode? If so, switch on Inspect, hover over where the Comments should be and take a look ‘under the hood’. If you see the data source and it says ‘empty’ then you’ll know there’s a disconnect in how it’s been set up.

As you said, the comment is stored in the db, but the RG isn’t showing it - so the problem is between these two items.

(also - check your privacy is set to show comments in searches)

Hard to tell, but does the reusable element have a data source set to it?

When you go to edit the reusable element, double click anywhere on the blank page and make sure that “Data Type” is set to post or listing. You should set the data source of the reusable element on the main page when you add it on there. It should be the listing that is currently being shown on the page.