Need Help With RG Lookup

I have a table that has a list of Video Series, each series contains a list of videos, (its own table) and each video has a list of categories (its own table).

I need to have a Repeating Group by Category that list lists the Series. For example, Category A will list all of the Series that have a Video that has category A.

I have tried a lookup by video. I can get all of the videos separated by Category but they are all independent listings. I want them grouped by the series.

I tried to get the series, but there is no way to filter them by category.

What am I missing? Thanks!

Can you share your DB settings?
I think it will be easier.
Actully, in your “Search for series” you don’t seem to have a field “category”… so you cannot filter using this. But do you have Category that have a list of “Series”?