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Need help with search bar

I do not know how to really explain this but say your searching for a micro usb plug on amazon (you type in “micro usb” and instead of just micro usb popping up in the results below your text it shows

micro usb
micro usb (1)
micro usb (2)

(because there is multiple results that have micro usb in them)

any way I hope that gave a slight idea of the problem I’m having I do not want the results popping up like the image you see. If a user types in micro usb I just want it to say

micro usb


micro usb
micro usb (1)
micro usb (2)

I hope this makes sense

If you want to use the Search Box, you would need to add some sort of Keyword table I think. So instead of searching your list of Things (so multiple names like Micro USB) you would have a single keyword, that then has links to all the products.

yeah but I have it so users can search other users post by the description (whatever they typed in about there post) so I cant really make it a keyword search. I would just like to combine the search results that say the same post description.

like if there is multiple post have the same exact sentence instead of it coming up like


I just want it to say


and then show all the posts that have that same description.

Look into how Amazon accomplishes this, which is probably the most optimal solution. I’m sure they implement several methods, one of which is probably indexing keywords, which is what @NigelG mentioned.

Yes, and you will need to do that yourself.

So when you create the post, check the description …

If it already exists in your Description list … add it to the list of posts with this description
If if does not already exist … add it.

oh okay I understand what your saying but I don’t remember how to check for things

I’ve been doing other things on my website and have come back to this i was wondering if you had any examples or anything on how to do this. How exactly do I set up a work flow to check for something? The answer would help a lot thank you.

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