Need Help with Setting up Categories

Hey guys, I am new here and needing some help with getting the framework done.
I am trying to have 2 dif user types
Users and Vendors
I am wanting the vendors to be able to upload multiple pics to their ‘profile’ organized by category
I am wanting the users to be able to browse through the vendor’s photos and select the ones they like. The users will have a results page organized by category, then when they click on the category from the list (ex guitars), it will show all the pics of guitars that they liked, and will have the info for the vendor attached.
I hope that makes sense!!
So the issue that I think I am having right now is getting the categories set up and connected to the vendor’s pics
Another quick question is - can I have a data type for User and another for Vendor and keep them and all their info separate?
Thanks for any help!

Hi Pamlester, regarding the vendors, it is best for you to create a vendor object and add this underneath the User object so the User will have a field of type “Vendor”. This will allow vendors to login as users and you just create a vendor and add this vendor to the user every time a new vendor signs up for the site. Also to differentiate between vendor and other types of user you can add a text field called “type” and specify the type = customer for customer Users and type = vendor for vendor Users.

For Categories I recommend you do the following:

Add a new type called Photo now add two fields to Photo --> “image” field and this is type image and “category” field this is type text

Now Add a field to the User --> “favorite photos” and this is a type “Photo” (the type we just created above) now also ensure you have checked this is a list checkbox so Bubble will say you have a list of photos underneath the vendor object.

To filter a User’s favorite photos by category you can specify a data source "Current User’s Photos: filtered Click new constraint and select category = “whichever category you want to show”

To have user favorite the photo you will want to have an action Make changes to User Edit Field Favorite photos add “current cell’s photo” or wherever you are displaying the photo object

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Thanks. I will look into incorporating those tips. Also, how would I add in a preset list of categories so that the vendors can choose which category their photo applies to when they upload it?