Need help with some formatting challenges

I’m creating a Loan Application app and would like my application number to be displayed as e.g. AP-00001 where “1” is a number because I increment up each time a new application is created. Is it possible to somehow have a 5-digit number displayed with leading zeros? Of course, the number of leading zero’s would change as the application number goes to 10 or 100, etc to keep to 5 digits.

Also, is there a way to control the input of a social security number regarding the number of digits and the dashes?


Just wanted to bring up that I’m not sure collecting Social Security numbers is a good idea on Bubble. Bubble’s DB is NOT PCI Compliant, so I’d really, really recommend against storing this info in your app. It might be different if you’re passing it through an API to somewhere else, but even still, I’d be a bit anxious about it.

PCI is Credit Card data not security numbers although in some US states its treated similarly…although as @andrewgassen states DON’T DO IT …dont store those in Bubble… store else where… if your in Europe with GDPR that’s a whole different box of angry frogs

To your Question…look at the plugins an input format plugin by @dambusmedia

You’re right, my point was more along the lines of, "If you wouldn’t store credit card data in Bubble, you shouldn’t store Social Security either :slight_smile:

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Andrew not questioning and totally agree…more a ref for completeness :0)

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