Need Help With Team Access Codes

I’m trying to build a CAD for my friend’s roleplay server, and I’ve completed the login and my team page, but there is one problem: I need help with making team access codes. I want to be able to limit who can join certain teams by requiring a passcode, but I couldn’t figure out how. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

Hey there @dolpa.inquiries ,

Simply make a text field called “Access Code.” When creating a user simply make a check to make sure your input for access code is the same as the one in your database.

Hi @johny I have a similar question. How can I make unique access codes for group decisions?

Could you elaborate a little bit more?

Like I want to be able to allow users to state how many people are in their party and then generate a unique code for the number of people in their party and give that to them so they can share it off line and then each come back online and enter the unique code and input their opinions on the data set to help the group get to a final decision

Same concept, create a text field for the code within your party

Okay but how do I generate a unique code for each party to keep it closed?

Calculate a Random String

Thank you! This has been very helpful. Please stay safe. <3

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You too!

Thank you so much