Need Help with the project

Hi Bubblers,

New to bubble and trying to play around and turn my designs into reality.

Soon I will have an android app created where users will upload fashion content (short videos similar to TikTok).

Thus, I want to also create a WebApp where users will be able to see the randomized video content from community members (please refer to the screen).

I am very new to the whole database stuff and I assume that I will have to connect bubble to the external database where all the content from the will be stored. That is the big question how should setup that in

The next part is that I want to create "Top fashionistas " box where it will display top folllowed user accounts.

Of course, later on, I will have to design all user profile pages etc.
But for starters I want to figure the this part.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Keep bubbling!

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