Need help with user feature on posting blogs

Hello, I am trying to create an app where a user can publish a blog post and they post a chart with a question/survey along with the blog. With this chart, the data is provided by a survey that users viewing the blog fill out on the post page.

Functions I am trying to include

  1. Allow the user who is posting the ability to choose a chart and create a survey to post (including variables and .chart type).
  2. Display the chart and survey on post page.
  3. Survey on page provides data for chart and updates in real time

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @nhurner

You are kindly describing an entire app’s function. Good news is that it is doable in Bubble :slight_smile:

Lots of stuff to do to make this happen. Among them:

  • Build a database structure
  • Build a UI that includes the UX you want to provide planning your page or pages
  • Build logic

One good place to start perhaps is to review info on building apps with Bubble. A couple of good starting resources:

Build your first Bubble app
How to build walkthrough series

Hope this helps :+1:

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