Need help with various things - AI, shop-in-bio site like GumRoad, etc

I need someone that can help me bring my idea to reality. Im looking to build shop-in-bio site like GumRoad, use AI, Private community, chat, dashboard, stripe, etc… Im slightly tight on budget since im a uni student, but i think my idea can easily bring 333 clients at 33€/month or even 50€/month for +plan. If you think you can help me, ill be happy if you write something under this post. Thanks :pray:

If you’re tight on budget, that’s fine, but you need to say what your budget is, because you’ll either:

  1. Get swarmed by freelancers that are out of your price range which wastes your time
  2. You’ll talk to freelancers that you’re not able to afford, wasting their time

This is a wishlist, not a plan. Start by identifying the problem you want to solve - that’ll allow you to build the minimum viable product and get feedback from real users faster. Then, add the nice to haves when you have the money from paying users to afford it.

Best of luck!