Need Help with Work-flow User Sign Up for Fitness tracking


We’re making an app for users to sign up and pick activities that we created for them. Right now I’m just focused on walking activities . I am completely lost however when it comes to actually signing the current user logged in for the walking activity listed.

So here is the current set up : User clicks on activity from a generated list >> Goes to a page that shows activity details and a button at the bottom that says “Sign Me Up!” . I need this button to add the activity to that specific user so they can easily access the activity the signed up for on a dashboard page that lists all the current things they are or will be signed up for. Basically when they click the button it navigates to a page with a repeating group element with a list of the activities they just signed up for. Then when the list is created on the users page, they can click each one and then be taken to a page where they can add steps/miles on the days they accomplished them.

Any help would be great!

Welcome to the community @dhetherington

Explore the concept of lists.

this really depends on the structure and the database setup of your app.
I could connect via Zoom and help you out

I will check it out thank you.

That would be amazing help! I currently just added field under user data to put the challenges title under their name and it can print on the page dynamically for them, but it doesn’t help too much.

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