NEED little HELP with my project

HI !
A have a input frorm for clients in front page , with adress , name mm with custom work categories with checkbox sign up as user.

Then a have company´s with registration as company… with adress and custom categories the work with…

So a have built a dachboard for companys, and one for customers… with “repeating groups”

To the problem … when the client sign up with custom categories mm … How to notify the company that has the same categories ex… With mail exempel… ? trigger action from a repeating group when a new row example

Tanks fror help

Hi @tradspecialisterna

You can send an email to the company or a notification to be saved in db when the user signs up.


A wish it was that easy :slight_smile:

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No one-…


What you need to have a look at is the concept of “Database triggers”, which let’s you monitor changes to a database entry, and inside it, take some action based on set conditions.

Here are some resources on this concept:

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