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Need Low Cost app built USA

Need help building app. The jist of it:
People pay to download app and can view certain location (color coded) of items people are selling.
People with app can pay to post certain item for sale and enter their address and it shows up on map. This would have a beginning and end date.
I would need message alerts
I would want this to be for iPhone and android, etc…ready to go for people to download with purchase.

How can I set it up to receive payment without giving you my banking info?

Prefer US Citizen for communication purposes. This project should take an experienced person a couple of hours at most. Please send me a quote and questions!

Let me know, thanks in advance!

The requirement of adding to the iOS app store is the tricky part. I’ve used a service in the past that does this well and have active Bubble apps on the app store.
Your estimate of a couple hours is ridiculously low. Just getting the barebones requirements is easily a 2.5-3 day project. If you have any complexities to the listing or other requirements, this could easily take a week or more to craft it how you want it. I would ballpark this at $1800-2500 for an MVP (minimum viable product with no extra features). PM me if interested.


Hi Allison,
I came across to your requirement & I would be very happy to assist you.
Sent you PM.