Need Quotes for A Project

Hi all,

I posted this in plugin builders because I’m only interested in bubble people who know how to write plugins. The app I’m trying to build may need multiple plugins. I had my project quoted out once, and they said the cost would be $250k to $1M to build it for mobile or desktop.

I’m hoping that I can get a more reasonable quote this time.

I have a user stories document and a super low fidelity clickable prototype.

Please respond here with your information so I can send you the user stories.

Hey! Drop me a message. At worst, I’d cap it at 125K, 12 months deliver, and I’d be your full-time dev.

Let’s chat!


I’m intrigued to know who quoted such big numbers :upside_down_face: and how is your product so complex? :thinking:

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Mobile app development agencies from a reputable source quoted me those numbers. I received two estimates at 7 figures and two at $250K. One quote was from my own employer. He’s a very senior engineer.

He’s one of those 10x productivity guys startups talk about.

All the agencies are U.S. based. I’d write the software myself, but I’m a Jr. QA tester. I’m not even close to good enough.