Need Repeating Group filtering between a List and a Multi Dropdown

I have a Data Type ‘Trick’ with a field ‘0 Grips’ which is a List of ‘Grip Options’. I’ve made an Option Set called ‘Grip Option’ with 87 options in it. So Tricks can have multiple Grips Options attributed to them, in a list. I have a Grips Multi Dropdown that shows the list of Grip Options. I have a repeating group that displays Tricks and I’m trying to filter it by the Grip Options selected in the Multi Dropdown. I want any Trick that has any Grip matching any selected Grip from the Multi Dropdown to show up in the RG.

Here’s what I wish worked (But I get the following error):
Is a list

If there was like an ‘:any’ modifier so it could be “0Grips:any contains Multidropdown Grips’s value” that would rock. They could also add an ‘:all’ modifier… I just don’t need that for my particular scenario.

Ideas on how to accomplish this?

@whitney.schoenthal you will need to use an advanced filter and do “this list:intersect with this other list :count > 0”

note: ideally any advanced filters like this should be used as a conditional on the RG datasource where it will only use this advanced filter if the list being used to filter is not empty. this is because advanced filters process data on the frontend, so can slow things down a lot even when the list being filtered with is empty.

let me know if this helps! I also offer paid sessions for Bubble assistance.

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Thank you so much! Really appreciate the timely feedback! I’ll certainly keep you on my radar for any future assistance sessions I need!

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