Need some inspiration on toning down rows visually

Hello, without fully displaying my app, it consist of a table (repeating group). The rows inside can be filtered in an adjacent section on the screen/viewport.

At first, I had it set up to just show the filtered in items. However I think that could be confusing for the end user, as they may have set a filter by accident, and cannot find the filtered out rows anymore. Actually one end user mentioned this.

So I am looking for a way to always show all rows, but tone down the filtered out rows (make them less important). I could just make their text transparent, but does any one of you have a better suggestion for a great UX (preferably on an existing website, so I can see it in action)? The example doesn’t have to be on a Bubble website, this question is a general one.

The filtered out rows don’t have to be readable per se, it must be clear to the user that there is filtered out content, and that there must be a filter turned on.

Hi there, @woezel1980… for what it’s worth, I was a UX designer in a former life, and those roots run deep. I can tell you with a high degree of certainty (although, it’s still just opinion because UX can be so subjective) that you don’t want to show the filtered out items in any way, shape, or form, but you do want to give the user a very clear visual indication that a filter is applied, and give them a quick (one-click) way to remove any/all filters.

So, I believe the question for you is why didn’t the user who mentioned it (and maybe others who didn’t mention it) know that a filter had been applied? How are you conveying to the user that a filter has been set? However you are doing it, it is obviously not having the desired impact, and that is the problem you need to solve.

I can all but promise you that if you show the filtered out items in some way along with the relevant items, you are going to have a good number of users mentioning that the filtered out items are getting in the way of them seeing what they really want to see.

Anyway, just a bunch of food for thought there, but if it was me, I definitely wouldn’t go down the path you described.

Hope this helps.


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Well, food for thought indeed.
The filtering part isn’t yet what it should be. I will think about your opinion.

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Yeah, I’d agree with @mikeloc 100% here…

It makes no sense (to me) to show the filtered-out items… that would definitely confuse and annoy most people (well me, certainly), especially if there are many items… and kind of defeats the purpose of filtering.

Just make it clear that a filter has been applied - just like most of the UXs you see in use today. (I’ve certainly never seen anything like the UX you’re describing).

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