Need some suggestions from the plugin builder community

Hi forums,

I need help with some suggestions from the community. A client of mine wants to embed a zoom meeting inside his application. With the help of Zoom Web Meeting SDK, I can embed a zoom feed directly inside my web application by creating a custom plugin for my client. However, I’ve realized that the documentation for this SDK is out of date and not really good. So, before proceeding with potentially weeks of development time in building this functionality I was wondering if the community has any suggestions for me. Are there any other plugins that supports webinars or web conferencing, or live streaming? Alternatively, are there any better APIs out there that I should try?

The client is attempting to make a “tv channel” app with zoom feeds being a “channel”.

I hope my question is clear, any help will be appreciated!



After doing further research, I think YouTube Live is the way to go. Not only is it way easier to implement than Zoom (just copy paste an embed code…), but with collaboration with Google Workspaces we get the administrative functionality we were looking for. Furthermore, users are already familiar with YouTube, which makes the UX much better :slight_smile:

Good suggestions, but client really wants to use an app to “live stream”, not for back and forth conferencing!

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