Need someone to do a simple app for me

I need a simple app that would compare candidates in elections.

I have 2400 candidates separated into 9 election areas. I need people to be able to choose their election area and then compare candidates by their resume’s.

So I have all the data just need someone to set it up for me and make it online.

My budget is $300, can pay 150 before work and the rest after the work is finished.

If you can help please do let me know asap.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sent a PM.

Sent you a PM @tomljenovicmarko23

Hi ! I can help you ! :ok_hand:

I sent you a PM :smiley:

Hi I’m interested

And I can get to work as soon as possible

Here’s a link to my previous work


I have worked as Product Manager in 2 startups and have shaped many ideas into reality with founders. I have developed many process for different products and have good experience of working with multiple people including developers, testers as well as designers. Me and my friend have been working together on bubble to develop different projects. We would be happy to help you.

Best Wishes,

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