Need Support - Payment, API Location, etc

Hello everyone,

we would like to start the testing, :rocket: but some things don’t work yet.
I’m not a technical person, because of that, a few things a very difficult for me.

I would be very happy, when I get great (of course - paid) support to get start the app. :slight_smile:

Things I would like to do next week, before we go online:

  • Use Google API: autocomplete fields, calculate distance, (best: route for delivery), calculate delivery time
  • fix postmark bugs (422, 412)
  • fix Stripe bugs and dev more (marketplace with normal sale-payments and subscriptions per usergroup)
  • central messanging (we created a plugin to use twilio) with a field to change and button to submit inside the message (sms, whatsapp) and for emails, we use postmark

In Addition we need support for the next topics:

  • CSV import to add/make changes products (more than one dt for products)
  • storyline (like in instagram)
  • perhabs integrate the existing firebase

Our budget is 3k, we are very fresh and a little startup. It would be great, when a bubbler with much experience could help us.

Best regards

@emmanuel @romanmg @J805 @johnny @ethanreeder

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Hey @janine.klatt :wave:

Thanks for the ping. I am completely booked already for all of next week. I wish I had more time available to help out.

That’s quite a bit to get done in one week. I hope you can find someone available next week to be able to implement all of those bug-fixes/features for you.

Looking forward to seeing how it works out. Keep up the good work! :raised_hands:

Just a side note for postmark:

Error codes:

  • 422 — Unprocessable Entity Something with the message isn’t quite right, this could be malformed JSON or incorrect fields. In this case, the response body contains JSON {ErrorCode: 405, Message: "details"} with an API error code and message containing details on what went wrong.

  • 412 — Account is Pending The account that is associated with the send request is still pending approval. While an account is pending approval, email recipients must have the same domain as the one found in the email’s from address.

You will probably need to fix the 412 error from the postmark side of things.

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Hi Janine, I sent you a message. Would love to help you out with this. Feel free to book a meeting any time at to hop on a call!

Hello @janine.klatt

I would like to you with your needs, I’ve just sent you a message.

Best regards,