Need to calculate an intersection

Hey guys,

I need to know when two objects will cross path.
Like object one is traveling from north to south and second object from North-East to South-West.
They will cross path eventually, using google maps, gps, whatever else you think it’s necessary, I need to know when they’ll cross path.
PM with a realistic quote and I will ask for a demo if your offer is realistic.


Hello sir,

I van help you and will create plugin for this requirement. Please add me on Skype that is and please check my PM.


I wouldn’t call any quote realistic until you provide more parameters for the solution.

What attributes do the objects have, for velocity and acceleration vectors, initial position, initial timeframe and height?
Do you want to consider Earth’s non-uniform shape, terrain and gravity field?
In what form will the object’s data be available?
Where will you want to use the result, for example in an API workflow, or sent to javascript on a page?
Will you want intersection coords and height as well as time?



Please check PM.

Gabriel A.