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Need to Create A Scheduling System w/ GeoLocation- PLEASE HELP!

What I need to do is create a system where I have a calendar that only tracks Sunday-Saturday. Thae actual date is unimportant. A user would need to be able to go through each day and type in an address and time frame i.e. Monday 2pm-4pm 123 Main Street Happytown, USA 12345.

Other users need to be able to view that user’s schedule and use geolocation to get directions to that address.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!!!

What have you tried so Far? I’d check out the tutorial lessons if you haven’t yet. Alternatively, if you’re looking to hire someone to do it for you, I’d check with @iamsalar or @vlad or @levon or @romanmg or many of the others. I’m at the gym on the treadmill, so my lamentable list is shorter than usual lol

I haven’t tried anything yet. If someone has already walked the path, I try to learn from their tribulations to ease my own journey. So I figured I’d throw the question out there and see what kind of response I get. Maybe @emmanuel can shed some light?