Need to create global searchbar using no plugins

I just need to have a marketplace like searchbar that will have categories on search results without plugins. (Fuzzy search taxes 1 second of page load )

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  1. Input Search

  2. Repeating Group Categories

  3. Data source of the above is Do a search for Categories:name contains keywords (Input search's value)

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Hey george, input field has too much of a delay

Input values are updated when the input is exited. Use Live Text plugin to get the live typed text.

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Plugins kill apps , do you trust this one ?

Sure, if it stops being supported, you can just remove the live text feature and revert to the default Bubble behaviour without breaking your app.

My top concern is page load speed , does it slow the app ? and I couldn’t find the plugin

I think he means Instant text from airdev


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Thanks bro . Will it slow page load ?

You can try it and note to speed on console DevTool

This is ridiculous


It won’t.
If you worry about page speed eliminate :upside_down_face:/reduce everything that runs in the first render time ( when the page loaded the first time)

Are you being sarcastic or is there an actual solution ?

Definitely, it’s the actual solution. However, elimination should be the last option; you can sacrifice some of the features or elements that users won’t use frequently.

Actual solution is to be very very careful when using plugins still then

Avoid plugins where possible where the functionality is a key part of the app*

Literally why? That doesn’t track

The key is to not use shit plugins. Build your own. Buy reputable plugins when needed.

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I mean that if the functionality is a core functionality, and it can be done natively, I will almost always do so. That means that the app’s functionality is independent of any support for the plugins, which is important for client projects where they might want it to work in 2 years even if I haven’t touched it.

If something breaks down the line because I use a plug-in and I have to tell a client it’s because I used it instead of doing the native method to save me a bit of time, it’s a bit awkward.

Yes, but this isn’t possible for everyone (either technically or financially).

I’ve been curious about this…one of the key plugins I’m using in the app I’m building is BDK Repeating Group Tools. Without it I couldn’t find any native way to reference the items /values inside a RG from the outside (before they hit the database) - BDK RG was a lifesaver for me. Is there a native way you use, or would you consider that an example of a plugin high quality enough (and simple enough) that you’d rely on it?

And I am getting serious backlash when I talk bad about plugins like this , not using plugins pushes bubble forward and enable users of bubble to produce scalable products.