Need to create simple plugin


I need to create a simple plugin that will decode URL. Should work with server-side workflows.



Write me a pm with estimated cost.

Did you think to use toolbox plugin?

I would love to but there is a need to put node script in it.

Can you explain a little bit more on how you want to use it?

What do you want to do with node? This should be very straightforward JavaScript.

Here’s an entirely no-code way (using List Shifter – click the edit mode link here or on that page to see the editor):

But you could also use Toolbox’s Run JavaScript or Expression elements to do decodeURI(your_URL).

And, oh, @sat_miha , I see you wanna do that server-side. If you want to do that, Toolbox has a server-side run JavaScript SSA (that again you would just use to execute decodeURI on your string).

If you want to do this in a “no code” way like I demonstrate above, I do have a server side version of List Shifter’s PROCESS List action that will be available “soon-ish”.

Thank you for the info, Jici suggested to use toolbox with a server-side script, I will try that.

Hey @sat_miha. Fuck it, dude, I just built the plugin for you. :wink: Demo page with links:

It’s open source, so you can examine it and learn how to build your own minimal plugins like this.

Plugin page:

Happy Bubbling,

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Oh man, thanks.

I sure it will be used by others, there are a couple of messages on the board without answers.
The best example of the bubble community!

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You’re welcome. But srsly:



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